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  Class Descriptions - Introduction to Solopreneurship



Class 1: What is solopreneurship?

Objective:  Learn what it means to own a business and why it may be the path to your future success.


  • Our new economic reality and why everyone should view themselves as a business

  • New ways of working and finding work

  • Different paths to business ownership

  • Good reasons for owning a business

  • Good reasons for NOT owning one

  • 17 myths and ONE truth about business ownership

In-Class Exercises

  • Student introductions

  • Motivations for business ownership


  • Start reading An Interpreneur’s Journey by Tom Eckmann

  • Read StrengthFinders 2.0 by Buckingham and Clifton

  • Complete StrengthFinders online self-assessment

  • Read Is Self-employment for you?  by Paul Casey

  • Complete personal checklist and inventory

Class 2:  Is solopreneurship for you?

Objective:  Learn the traits and characteristics of successful business owners and the things you may need to do to ensure your own success.


  • Characteristics of successful solopreneurs

  • How to interpret your StrengthFinders talent themes

  • How to create a personal development plan

  • Where business ideas come from

  • How to your work and life experiences are the most likely sources of a business idea for you

In-Class Exercises

  • Discussion of StrengthFinders assessments

  • Review personal checklist and personal inventory


  • Continue reading An Interpreneur's Journey

  • Identify three potential business ideas based on your personal inventory

  • Create a personal development plan based on your personal checklist

Class 3: How do you find good business ideas?

Objective:  Learn how to identify business ideas and quickly separate the good from the bad!


  • What constitutes a good business idea

  • How to separate good ideas from the not-so-good ones

    • Defining the product and target market

    • How to identify competition and establish your "uniqueness"

    • How to define the business model (i.e., how the business will make money)

In-Class Exercises

  • Presentation and class critiques of student business ideas


  • Select a promising business idea and complete a Business Opportunity Assessment

Class 4: How do you know if a business idea is any good?

Objective:  Learn how to "pitch" a business opportunity and receive feedback from faculty and class.


  • Evaluating business presentations

  • Providing constructive feedback

  • Startup advice for solopreneurs

  • What's next?  How to turn your idea into a plan for success at Solopreneur Bootcamp

In-Class Exercises

  • Class presentations and feedback


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